Client Feedback

Thank you for recommending we stay with our current mortgage payoff plan.  Other loan officers we talked to tried to convince us to refinance anyway and told us things that were not true.  Thank you for being a true consultant, and pointing out a few ways we might improve our credit scores.  We will be back again soon when our scores are up!

– Al and Kathy, Downers Grove, IL - 10/5/2012

Brian was very professional, efficient and conscientious during our recent refinance.  He was very attentive to our loan and was always communicating to us throughout the process.  We felt that Brian had our best interest in mind and provided us with the most beneficial plan to fit our needs.   I’d highly recommend working with him on a new loan or mortgage refinance.

– Jim and Terri, Munster, IN – 10/2/2012

When I first spoke with Brian, about helping me to pursue a loan purchase for a home, I explained to him my situation. Without a doubt he listened. Brian is the most upfront, honest, helpful, kindhearted, and down to earth person I’ve ever met in a financial institution. I am honored to have someone to guide and show me how to accomplish my goal in my future home purchase. Every time I called him he answered, every time I emailed him he emailed me back. He never failed to ask me if i had any questions. I can truly say Brian will make sure all of your i’s are dotted t’s are crossed. He is very, very serious when it come to his job. I am honored to have chosen him to help me through my loan process. He is a JEWEL, and I mean a JEWEL. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND BRIAN !!!

– Izola, Calumet City, IL – 9/26/12

I would like to thank you for getting this loan finished so painlessly. Really I have gone through this process many times and this was definitely the smoothest. We are very happy and will certainly pass your name on to friends, family, and customers. Thank you for convincing me that the time was right now to re-finance ( I hear the rates are creeping up now)

– Jackie, Des Plaines, IL – 2012

I liked working with Brian because he never gives up, even when I was ready to. Brian always responded to my e-mails and phone calls very quickly. When I didn’t understand exactly what was needed, Brian was very patient with me and explained exactly what I needed. I would definitely work with Brian again.

– Elaine G, Buffalo Grove, IL – 2012

I most definitely will give your name to anyone I know that looking to finance:) Including my Ex! lol.

– Christina S, Ottawa, IL – 2012

I sat down with Brian in January 2012, he explained everything in a way I understood. By the time my refinance closed, I felt empowered and know I will never pay too much for a mortgage!

– James, Glen Ellyn, IL – 2012

I most definitely am happy I chose you to help me refinance. I couldn’t put into words how happy I’ve been with all you have done for me and my husband. I have already given your information to other friends and family so they can get help from you.

– Sandy, Esmond, IL – 2012

We have known and worked with Brian for over 10 years. He helped us purchase our townhome in Chicago. Years later, when we planned to move to the suburbs, Brian was there to do the financing. He also helped us refinance numerous times. We recommend him to our friends and family all the time!

– Greg and Michelle, Glenview, IL – 2011

I talked to Brian about refinancing my home. After hearing that I might move within 2 years, he suggested I hold off and do not refi. He explained how the savings would not make up for the cost of refinancing in just 2 years. I know I will be calling Brian before I look to buy a new home!

– John, Bloomington, IL -2011

When we purchased our first home, Brian sat down with us and explained everything. We refinanced recently through him again. He is an honest man, who lives up to his word, and gets the job done no matter what!

– Dave and Amy, Wheaton, IL - 2011

Brian helped us refinance this summer into a great rate! He listened to our needs this time, just like when he financed our first home years ago. We refer people to him all the time.

– Ryan and Kathy, Lansing, IL -2010

Brian, Less than 30 days to close, that was Awesome!! Everyone told me it would take 45 or more and I just couldn’t wait that long. Thanks so much for making it happen and also for making the document gathering more fun. The “checklist” was great and you always kept my spirits up so I stayed positive throughout. The way you explained everything also made the process so much better. Keep it up and you will have so many happy customers like myself.

– Rick J. Schererville, IN - 2012

I hired Brian as a mortgage consultant when I refinanced my home. He is honest, experienced and reliable. I highly recommend Brian

– Jim and Nancy, Chicago, IL - 12/31/2012

Being in sales, I try to treat my customers the way I want to be treated. I hold individuals who, I do business with, to that type of standard. You can be assured that Brian will be that type of individual. He walked us through the process of the refinance and was always there, by email or phone, to answer any questions.  As we progressed, I could tell that Brian was doing everything he could, to help get us the lowest possible interest rate, which was our main goal. If you are looking for a smooth transition from one lending institution to another, you can be assured that Brian will do everything possible to make that transition a very smooth ride. I highly recommend his services!

– Bob and Lisa , Munster, IN - 1/5/2013

Brian made my loan the easiest thing I have ever done. He was clear about the process and told me what to anticipate for each step along the way. After my loan was completed. Brian began telling me ways to pay off my loan sooner. I shall be staying in contact with Brian.

– Pat T , Libertyville, IL - 1/8/2013

Brian worked with me to refinance my house. He was very knowledgeable of the process and helped walk me through the process. The way he explained the process made it a very simple and pleasant experience. He was always very prompt in answering my questions and returning my calls.
I would work with Brian again and would recommend him to others!

– Mark Berndsen, Southern Illinois, IL - 1/22/2013 -

When I first spoke with Brian  I told him I was short on time.  I asked if he could lower my interest rate on my home mortgage from 5% to 3.25%.  He asked me a few questions and said he believed that opportunity was available and moved very quickly to lock in the rate.  The process itself took a little longer than I expected,  however Brian kept in touch letting me know everything was moving ahead and on target.  When I had questions he responded quickly to put my fears to rest.  Brian also was able to provide a side-by-side analysis of my projected savings which was very helpful with my decision to move the process forward.  He made my refinancing a smooth transaction even arranging to have a notary come to my office at a convenient time for the final signage of paperwork.  Everything was kept very professional and personal and I would recommend Brian to anyone who is serious about refinancing.  If there is a way…Brian will find it.

– Adriane L , Streamwood, IL - 3/6/2013

Brian did a wonderful job in getting a really tough loan approved for my clients. He persisted when others would have given up. He really cares about people and has great knowledge and experience. I trust my family to him! He stays on top of things.

– Mary Braatz, Remax Enterprises - 5/7/2013 -

Brian was very hands on and paid great attention to the details. He was always on tract with timing and deadlines. He is a very personable consultant and not just a 9 to 5 worker.

– David Otis, President, Otis Company - 12-9-13 -